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Enter a realm of chic sophistication where stark black and pristine white intertwine, creating a visually striking canvas. The high-contrast palette sets a dramatic tone, accentuated by carefully curated hints of luxurious gold. From sleek black furnishings to crisp white accents, every element is meticulously balanced to evoke a sense of contemporary elegance. Gilded gold touches add a touch of opulence, infusing the space with warmth and glamour. This residence is a testament to the power of contrast and refined aesthetics, where black and white meet in perfect harmony with golden allure.


Location: Glen Abbey

Date: Winter 2022

Project Type: Renovation & Decoration

Style: Transitional Modern

Experience the allure of a residence that seamlessly blends the warmth of light wood with the timeless beauty of diverse marble tones. This carefully curated space invites serenity and sophistication, where the gentle glow of light wood furnishings provides a natural contrast to the rich textures of varying marble shades. From soft veined patterns to bold contrasts, stone surfaces grace the interiors, creating a symphony of visual interest. The marriage of light wood and stone elevates every corner, offering a home that harmonizes the organic and the opulent in a captivating dance of light and luxury.

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